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Our Charity

If you are considering supporting someone less fortunate than you, look no further than a student from The School of St Jude, Arusha, Tanzania. The school was established by Australian, Gemma Sisia, who must be considered one of the most outstanding contemporary conservationists of all time. Her unparalleled dedication to fighting poverty through education is exemplified by the development of a comprehensive multicultural learning institution, comprising both primary and secondary education with boarding facilities for underprivileged children. The financial support extends to hundreds of students through higher education and for the first time, eight doctors will graduate in 2021. 

Amazingly funded completely by donations, we can find no better global example of where our donated dollar goes. It is directly donated to the development of these academically gifted students, selected from families who cannot afford an education and are, therefore, awarded scholarships to attend the school. 

Gemma and primary students.jpg

Founder of The School of St Jude - Gemma Sisia shares some time with primary school students during a break from the classroom. 

Students on bus.jpg
Secondary girls on campus.jpg
Visitors meeting student.jpg

Brian (author) and Sue (photographer) with their sponsor student Farihiya during one of their visits to the School at Arusha in Tanzania

Daily transport to and from the school is a fundamental service provided for all students to ensure they arrive safely at their respective destinations. 

Students from the secondary campus represent the future leaders of Tanzania. 

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