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Travel with a Wildlife Veterinarian

Peter Brothers Safaris

This is vital CONSERVATION WORK in which you too can make an important contribution.
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Travelling with Peter Brothers on one of his Vet Safaris is about as exciting as it can get. His inclusive style and informative descriptions will have you enthralled from the moment the safari begins until it sadly concludes. 

AJ3Q9010 2.jpeg
AJ3Q9020 3.jpeg

Above: Peter striding toward the helicopter with the Research Officer
Right: Airborne in readiness to administer the tranquiliser to the patient

The 4.5-tonne bull elephant is starting to succumb to the effects of the drugs. Peter closely monitors the patient's condition as he is guided into an area where the conservation work can be carried out safely.

Left:     Peter operates from his mobile Veterinary Clinic while Sue enjoys the hands-on experience under the close tutelage of this experienced wild-life vet.

Below: Peter (background) is monitoring the  team of volunteers, manhandling the Cape African Buffalo bull into an upright position to aid its breathing.

Left: It's a busy workplace with all hands on deck while Peter checks with United States visiting Vet Karen to check all tasks are complete.

Rhino conservation activities - with Brian being closely instructed by Peter on the details of ear-notching. This is vital conservation work assists the Game Reserve Management to provide the best security against poaching of these beautiful animals.

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More Conservation Activities


Above: Herd identification and research monitoring across the entire ecosystem


Learn about flora and fauna 

endemic to 

spectacularly scenic biomes.

Take a well-earned break 

from your experience.

Visit iconic locations close 

to your volunteer area.


Monitor the individual health of an elephant 

singled out from the herd.


Assist a wildlife vet

as medical procedures and 

data collection  

are conducted on a variety of immobilised animals.


Learn the life-saving skill of tracking  from a qualified Wildlife Vet.

Share the crisp clear air of an early morning sunrise.

Rhino Research.jpeg
28. 3B3A2816.jpeg

Monitor animal populations to protect them against the potential ravages of poaching.

Assist in ear-notching or 

fitting transmission collars to an individual animal so its movements can be monitored. 

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