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"Wow!! I could not put this book down. I love the work you two are doing. I love your writing style. I felt like I was right there with you experiencing what you experienced.

Great Book!"

Philip Van Heusen


Review by:       Philip Van Heusen for Readers' Favorite

Brian J. Bassett loves Africa and wildlife. He shares his love in Blood,

Sweat, and Fears. Brian’s wife, Sue, shares his passion and adds

her love of photography. This book gets readers so close to wild

animals that it might have an alternative title of Encounters of the

Wildlife Kind. Brian and Sue have had many unforgettable

encounters with wild animals during their trips to Africa.


Reading this book will not only thrill you, but it will make you feel as if you are on safari with Brian and Sue. What would you do if your tent

was rustled by an enormous African bull elephant during the night?

Brian shares this experience as well as seeing thirteen white rhinos

while on a walk through the bush. Can you imagine standing close

to a wild white rhino that might charge at any moment while you

have no protection?


This book will get your adrenaline flowing!

Blood, Sweat and Fears is an adventure book in which Brian shares

much information about the wildlife of Africa. You will learn about

conservation camps and the animals that grace the lands. Brian

writes most fascinatingly. Reading this book made me feel like I

was standing right next to Brian as he helped Dr. Peter and his

team perform medical work on wild animals.


I felt like I was actually in Africa while I was safe at home, far, far away from massive, wild animals. Reading this book will probably introduce you to some animals you have never heard of before. The photos by Sue Bassett add to the story. If you love animals, you will absolutely love this book. If you are into conservation, this book might spur you into taking a trip to help with African conservation.


I couldn’t put this book down.


Review by:       Leonard William Smuts for Readers' Favorite

The African continent is renowned for its magnificent scenery and

unique wildlife. It was to Africa that Brian Bassett and his wife Sue

were first drawn in 2010, armed with cameras and open to

experiencing it in its many facets. This and their later adventures

gave rise to Blood, Sweat and Fears, an aptly titled record of their



They return, not as conventional tourists, but as

volunteers to assist in conservation and research. In doing so, they

encounter Africa’s animals, both large and small, plus a wide

variety of birds. They meet wonderful and hospitable people while

experiencing life in the bush first-hand and without the frills of

luxury accommodation. They assist wildlife veterinarians in darting

animals for research and conservation purposes, also undertaking

basic game ranger training.


It is an arduous but rewarding time, leading to close encounters with dangerous species such as lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhino. Some of these interactions are a little too close for comfort, reminding them that nothing in Africa should be taken for granted - certainly not personal security.

The book concentrates on their activities in South Africa and Kenya,

expanding their already considerable knowledge and understanding

of Africa and all its complexities.

Brian Bassett is a retired engineer from Australia, who has

developed a passion for Africa. Blood, Sweat and Fears is a vivid

and at times dramatic account of a magical time spent in the

African bush, usually in remote areas and very close to nature in

the raw. Extensive travels expose Brian and Sue to the full

spectrum of the African experience, from culture, food, language,

and friendship to the stark realities - and at times cruelty - of the

animal kingdom.


The book exposes the evils of poaching and the valiant struggle of conservationists to ensure the survival of the many endangered species. In that regard, tourist revenue is vital to fund both conservation and provide work opportunities for the local

population, thus avoiding a clash between humans and nature.

Africa is not just about the “Big Five” but provides a wide array of

smaller but equally interesting animals, trees, plants, and colorful

characters. The text is enhanced by a variety of photographs by

Sue, which depict both the animals and scenery, rounded off with

an excellent glossary.


Brian captures all of this perfectly in a highly

entertaining and descriptive account, making this essential reading

for those who love Africa and its inhabitants.


Review by:            K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Blood, Sweat & Fears: True Stories of Aussies in Africa is a work of

non-fiction in the travel, memoir, and adventure subgenres. It is

suitable for the general reading audience and was penned by

author Brian J Bassett. In this fascinating true-life account, we meet

author Brian and his wife Sue on their travels from Australia to

Africa, where they transform from wildlife enthusiasts into

advocates for welfare and research.


The book collects together some very exciting and emotional stories about different encounters with the wildest and weirdest animals of Africa, whilst

also introducing us to the culture and attitudes of many different African countries.

Author Brian J Bassett pulls no punches in describing the dangerous

realities of travel and exploration in Africa, and it certainly made

me glad that I was reading from the comfort of my armchair and

not there in the fray! I really admired and adored Brian and Sue’s

growing commitment to conservation, and that was a message

which really formed the true heart of the work as a whole.


The narrative technique balances enthusiasm and excitement with a

realistic sense of danger and kindness toward protecting wildlife,

which will surely inspire anyone reading the book to participate in

the cause in some way too. I think that “Why Rangers Really Wear

Khaki” was probably my favorite chapter of all, although each one

had its own humor, style, and central message.


Overall, I would certainly recommend Blood, Sweat & Fears for fans of travel books and those wishing to know more about Africa in general.


Review by:          Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

Blood, Sweat & Fears (True Stories of Aussies in Africa) by Brian J

Bassett and photographed by Sue Bassett is a non-fiction travel

book best suited for a diverse audience of young adults and adults

with an interest in Africa. Brian and Sue Bassett share their

experiences in Africa as they progressed from mere visitors to

researchers to rangers. The husband and wife pair shares their

journey with a mix of words and images to educate, amuse, and



Are you ready to follow Brian and Sue Bassett on their

African exploration adventure?

Blood, Sweat & Fears (True Stories of Aussies in Africa) by Brian J

Bassett is a well-written book filled with breathtaking images that

provided the perfect lure to grab and hold my interest. I have

thought about how Africa would be an interesting place to visit

because the normal Africa travel books never managed to inspire

me enough to actually look into the practicalities of traveling to



This book did not suffer from such a deficit; instead, it pulled

me in and made me feel like I was a part of the journey. I liked how

the book has parts that made me laugh and parts that really

grabbed my interest, yet the book also shared the nitty gritty of

what it is like to be a visitor and volunteer in Africa. I really enjoyed

the photographs that accompanied the narrative as they really

helped me to create a clear picture in my mind of the couple’s



Overall, this book is a worthwhile read that I would recommend anyone considering Africa as a destination should read before traveling there!


Review by:         Astrid Iustulin for Readers' Favorite

What would you do if there was an elephant next to your tent?

What if you saw a black or white rhino up close? Would you have

the courage to track a lion? These are just some of the adventures

that Brian J. Bassett tells in his book Blood, Sweat & Fears: True

Stories of Aussies in Africa.


Starting from Bassett's first trip to Africa, Blood, Sweat & Fears recollects the most incredible events that happened to him and his wife during their travels in this fascinating continent and their progressive commitment to it.

Through a series of stories and photographs taken by the author's

wife, Blood, Sweat & Fears introduces us to dangerous animals and

all the unpredictable situations that can happen during a visit to

Africa. Are you ready for a memorable journey?

Blood, Sweat & Fears is not a book for the faint of heart, but an

adventure lover will treasure it.


Brian J. Bassett relates his experiences in an exciting way that will thrill the reader. Although I have never been to Africa, Bassett's descriptions are so clear that I could imagine events and places as if I were there with him. He has

a knack for relating critical situations, such as his close encounters

with big cats. These pages are among the most impressive of the

entire book.


I must also praise the many stunning photographs that evoke the exotic atmosphere of Africa. Blood, Sweat & Fears is the perfect book for anyone who wants to discover this beautiful continent.


I recommend it to readers with the spirit of adventurous travelers.

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