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Reader Reviews 

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"Blood, Sweat and Fears is a powerful work.


Brian paints colourful word pictures with a broad, sometimes quirky, brush. They illuminate, educate and sometimes terrify; all with the intention of highlighting the conservation issues which plague the African continent.

Brian’s inimitable style evokes goosebumps, wonder and occasional tears, as we share his and Sue’s passion for the peoples and animals of countries very much in need of their contribution."

--John Cochrane

Regional Superintendent of Education Western Australia (Ret.)

A consummate society leader with a stellar career in the Education Department in Western Australia, punctuated by outstanding achievements such as representing Australia in the Commonwealth Games Track and Field, leadership roles in Apex and a broad spectrum of local community activities.

Cheetah family.jpeg

"We, as readers, can sit back in the comfort of our armchairs and through Brian and  Sue, experience their exhilarating, often exhausting and frequently terrifying experiences. We also become aware of the problems and incredible work being done to ensure the survival of Africa - its peoples, animals and land. The teams involved in this important work come from all over Africa and the world and from all walks of life. They are united in a common goal." 


--Anne Hairsine

A professional lifetime of consultative research, planning and implementation of programs to deliver Practical Ways to Achieve Clear Communication.

Specialist and Director roles in written and spoken communications in Tertiary and Further Education in Perth Western Australia.

Bachelor of Education in English, Speech and Drama, University of Tasmania; Graduate Diploma in Media, Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Sydney; Associate in Speech and Drama, Trinity College, London.

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